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Norbert Wong
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Norbert Wong started G&N Enginnering in 1989 with the idea to provide quality heating, air-conditiong, ventaltion and project desgines. Completing his degree in Mechinal engineering from the prestige Wentworth Institute of Techonlogy, Norbert immeditly fell in love with desgining hvac projects for both commerical and resdintal projects. After completing his degree Norbert furthered his education in the feild by attending the petersion school for HVAC where he then recived is refreigation license. Today Norbert insures G & N provides the best quality serivces in the hvac feild to date. 
Tyler Wong
Project Manger 
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Tyler Wong was introduced to G&N at a young age working along side his father during the summer and school vacation's. Growing up working in the field Tyler has a great background in the Hvac field as well as a long history with G&N. Tyler completed his degree in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy at Western New England University. Knowing he was going to continue working for G&N, He then completed trade school at Porter and Chester where he received a degree in Hvac with his license for refrigeration. 

Glen Cai
Head Technican/Lead Installer 

Glen Cai is G&N's lead installer/Technician. With his licenses for both sheet metal and refrigeration, glen is one of the best HVAC installer's around. Being with the company for 15+ years their hasn’t been a problem he could not fix and a HVAC system he could not install! With an education in the HVAC from a trade school in China, glen is one of the few technician/installers who has an incredible amount of knowledge in the field.

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